2023 HVTechFest

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  • Annual Conference

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Call for Spakers is open

Let's share insights, discover opportunities, discuss gamifying, coding, trends in technology… READ MORE

2022 DevFest

DevFest  - Developers Festivall

4 to 8 PM. Interactive Streaming

Innovative cutting edge skills that keep you ahead of the curve and in front of the competition.

Reinvent yourself in the new tech space, learn about cutting edge technologies from the experts… READ MORE

From Open Data to AI - Mini Hackathon 2023

New year, new Hackathon! OpenHub is excited to announce that the 2023 Mini Hackathon will be happening this March 10th, with the theme ‘Open Data to AI for Social Good in the Hudson Valley, NY’

HV TechFest brings together people who care about technology. It creates a… READ MORE


Tech Talent

Whether an emerging or professional Techie, please come and up your game, network with your community, share expertise, learn from experts, and grow in new directions!


Tech-driven solutions will be part of your business recovery and future growth. But which tech? Software, hardware, retraining, or all of the above? Get answers that will give you the edge to thrive over the next 10 years.


Tech hubs join large institutions to businesses and people in their community around a common goal to build prosperity, growth and innovation. Join OpenHub in celebrating Hudson Valley’s Tech Future!

What's going on here?

To get clear about the HV Tech Festival - WHAT is it, What does it do, and Why does it Matter

  1. What is it? HVTechFest is a conference for technology people who want to find people to collaborate with, it’s A Get Together
  2. What does it do? HVTechFest brings together people who care about technology. It creates a marketplace for buyers and sellers of technology expertise - people who are good at technology and people who want to hire those who are good at technology, or who want to learn from tech experts
  3. Why does it matter? It creates opportunities for enrichment, income, and growth. People might partner, consult, brainstorm, experiment, build, and fight or fail in a collaborative environment - we are creating a very messy thing to facilitate innovative thinking, creativity and business.

We want to create as many as possible meaningful (purposeful) connections accomplishing.something. 

You can choose the role which you want to accomplish. Finding similar minded people and allies. Finding partners, finding talents, finding jobs or mentors…

There is a significant mismatch between supply side and demand side in technology, and because of that mismatch the supply chain for tech services and talent pipeline is not only broken,but getting worse. By running HVTechFest we are solving this problem by creating a collaborative space and facilitating innovations.

HVTechFest is the missing link that connects academia, industry, individuals, potential employers, and it offers a space for those that never thought they could be developers.



The quality of sessions and speakers selection was fantastic, the level of program coordination is very impressive. 

Speakers were sharing what they are excited about - I see it is changing the Hudson Valley already!

Loved the tech fest and great content but I couldn’t visit everything I was interested in due to overlapping times. Thank you for a great event!


Tech Academy: Facilitating Positive change

We are proud to introduce Tech Academy - the new program to upskill Newburgh residents with relevant digital skills. The program to be launched by Newburgh Free Library's at the newly renovated Tech Hub space in 2023. Our goals: To make tech skills available for all, providing career ad... READ MORE

Meet our 2022 Keynote Speaker

Don't miss our Keynote speaker revealing one of the largest open datasets for understanding global human society, - GDELT project. GDELT is the largest, most comprehensive, and highest resolution open database of human society ever created.  Its vast archives of more than a quarter bill... READ MORE

HVTechFest'21 Hackathon Recap

The third Hudson Valley Tech Hackathon was held virtually on October 29-30th on Zoom and Discord. The theme was ‘Digital Collaboration/Using Open Data For Social Good’ and our Hackers really took that and ran with it! More on their innovative projects coming up soon - don’t miss it.This... READ MORE