HVTechFest Conference 2022:
Re-Imagine / Re-Think / Re-Invent > Innovate

Thu, Dec 8, 2022

We are still excited by all the energy evident at the 2022 TechFest Conference (morning) and DevFest (afternoon) December 8th.

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Please see the program below - You can find session's descriptions as well as recorded videos when you click at each session description. All morning sessions streamed

Doors open at 9:30am, free coffee included! - Dec 8th

it’s the next big step on the Hudson Valley’s road to technology-fueled growth. Open Hub is presenting, and the Newburgh Free Library is hosting a full day of panel discussions and cutting-edge presentations focused on jobs, change, and prosperity through digital technology.

What will the New Year hold for you? A new job, a new profit center, a new opportunity?

It’s all on the table at the 2022 HV Tech Fest Conference, and it’s all FREE.

The morning session offers panels and networking in person, followed by an evening online DevFest focused on developers.


What’s Now, What’s Next

Tech Symposium - In Person, 9.30AM -1 PM

Hudson Valley thought leaders discuss current trends in technology, tech-empowered business, and women rising in the tech world

at the Newburgh Free Library


DevFest - ONLINE, 4:00PM to 8:00 PM

Google Experts present innovative cutting edge skills that keep you ahead of the  curve and in front of the competition

4:00PM to 8:00 PM 

Session Schedule

Thursday - Dec 08, 2022
Friday - Dec 08, 2023

Tech Symposium - In Person

   Building a sustainable path to regional prosperity through 
Technology and Data  

HVTechFest is A Get Together, It brings together people who care about technology. It matters because It creates opportunities for enrichment, income, and growth.

People might partner, consult, brainstorm, experiment, build, and fight or fail in a collaborative environment. HVTechFest facilitates innovative thinking, creativity and business.It creates a marketplace for buyers and sellers of technology expertise - people who are good at technology and people who want to hire those who are good at technology, or who want to learn from tech experts.

2021 conference addressed Digital Divide and set the hybrid model for collaboration

As innovators we chose to meet in hybtid mode - yet another challenge to solve. We got together in Towne Crier Cafe in Beacon, to discuss the key challenges and reveal new opportunities. We had fun and gained a few new tech skills. All interactive panels were fun - check it our!, see livestream recorded here.

Later, during 2022 we were practicing a lot of Networking With Purpose sessions.and hosting some transformative seminars to inspire the next decade of solutions using technology, data, and design for the public good.

2020 was a blast while a challenge

We skipped a big in person event, but we learned a lot switching to remote webinars and even Hackathon! 

The Pivoteers and Pioneers Webisode series presented by OpenHub and HVTechFest was our prelude to the theme of HVTechfest 2020, a theme of divining opportunities for individuals and business within the Hudson Valley in the new normal. With the pandemic lockdown we’ve initiated our own pivot to continue the theme and momentum. HVTechFestival — which originally consists of a one-day conference and one-day Hackathon — continued with the two-day youth Hackathon on October 23–24, 2020.


Inaugural 2019 was an ignitor 

HVTechFest 2019 was the largest gathering of the HV Tech ecosystem to date, with 250+ participants and 120+ Hackathoners in attendance. With 40+ speakers, 23 sponsors and 30+ volunteers on board, we were able to achieve our three primary objectives:

  • Brought HV Tech ecosystem together to connect, collaborate, find jobs, hire talent, and create new partnerships and engagements
  • Increased energy and excitement about the HV Tech ecosystem
  • Established HVTechFest as a signature annual event for the ecosystem